Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

We had another busy weekend, as usual. It is very rare for us to have a Friday night and a Saturday and Saturday night at home, but that is O.K. We certainly feel like everything that we do is worth wild.

We did have a quiet Friday night. Gene was home so we decided to have a family movie night. Reagan, in honor of being out of school, got to pick the meal and the movie. What I am saying...she always picks the movie. Anyway, she picked spaghetti and Princess and the Frog. We ate supper and then spent an hour enjoying the beautiful weather outside before bathing the girls and settling in for the movie. We got out the air mattress, tons of pillows, blankets, and of course, the popcorn and Sprite. We really had a fabulous time together and the Princess and the Frog is entertaining all the way through. I am not wild about the voo doo throughout the movie, and I was really worried that it would give her nightmares, but thankfully, it didn't. Gracen is even getting into these movie nights. She doesn't really sit still, but pretty much stays on the mattress. She crawls from the top of the mattress to the bottom and then will crawl off the mattress and climb back on to it, wearing herself out. She also spent half of the movie crawling on top of the three of us. Reagan likes this attention at first, but once she gets into the movie, she is done with the interruptions. The only downside is that Gracen makes enjoying the bowl of popcorn a little difficult because we cannot just sit it in between all of us on the floor. She follows the bowl wherever we put it and wants to dig all in it. I keep telling her that one day she will get to enjoy popcorn and Sprite too.

On Saturday morning, we headed to AUM to see Jenna Sanders graduate from college. What an honor to be a part of her special day. Jenna was in the youth group at East Memorial while Gene was the youth minister, and of course, she is in our college ministry now. She has been close to our family for almost 6 years. She simply adores Reagan and spends a lot of time with her, babysitting her and hanging out with her at different church functions. We all love Jenna. If you know Jenna, you can't help but love her. She loves the Lord and it shows in every single thing she does. She faithfully attends church and studies the Word in group Bible studies and on her own. She is one of those people who displays the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her life. I am just so proud of her and the decisions that she consistently makes. It is amazing to witness. I wish I had been that strong in my Christian walk during my college years. Of course, I wouldn't have met Gene had I been as strong as Jenna, LOL! At least something good came out of that season. She is leaving for the summer to serve at a Christian camp teaching and leading teenagers, and is hoping to get a year long internship beginning in the fall at a church in Tennessee. For Reagan's sake, I would love to pray against that internship, but I don't think that would be very godly on my part. We will all miss her! You can visit her blog by clicking on Jenna's Journeys on the right side of my this blog page.

My mom kept Gracen during the graduation, (thank the Lord and thank you Mom), and Reagan went with us. She wanted to be there to cheer for Jenna. She loved seeing Jenna on the stage, but quickly tired of this as we sat through 400 graduates. Crazy! Jenna, you are worth it!

After picking up Gracen, we went and had lunch together and got home around 1:45. Reagan had a swimming birthday party to go to at 2:00 for another family friend, Sam Hicks. We were late of course, but Reagan had a blast swimming....well, at least until she almost drowned. She jumped into the deep in on a boogie board, without her armbands, and the board came out from under her. She panicked and started slapping the water and started to sink. David, Sam's dad jumped in and pulled her out.(Thank you David Hicks, from the bottom of my heart!) He was sitting beside the deep end being the life guard. She swallowed a lot of water and had a nasty coughing spell, but was fine. She sat out for a few minutes and really didn't go back into the deep end again. We took swimming lessons last year, but clearly we need more lessons. That was a scary situation. As I laid in the bed that night, I could see her struggling in that water, and I hope to never relive that again.

We got back home around 4:20 and Gene had to be at church at 5:00 for chair set-up. He is on a 3 month rotation and May is his month. He was back home by 6:30 and we ate supper, got the girls ready for bed and they both went to bed pretty earlier. Reagan was actually asking to go to bed, which is unheard of around here.

On Sunday morning, Gracen woke up around 4:45 a.m. and was up for the day. She was pretty cranky, and quite frankly, I was a little cranky too at that time of the morning. My first thought was, "Oh, no! It's another UTI." I took her temperature...4 times. It was normal every time. As the morning progressed she kept gnawing on things and developed a clear runny nose, which can happen with teething, so I think that was what was going on. She does have some teeth breaking through. She was ready for a nap at 8:00 and we usually leave for church at 8:30. I knew I couldn't put her in the nursery so I stayed home with both girls. She slept about 2 hours and was in a better mood when she woke up. We all ate lunch together and then Reagan and I headed over to Prattville to buy groceries. She loves going places with me by herself, even if it is just to Wal-Mart. We all went to church Sunday night and afterwards, ate out at Moe's with the college students. We didn't get home until around 9:00, but both girls went to sleep immediately and slept until after 7:00 this morning, so it all worked out.

Changing subjects...
I have had some amazing quiet times over the last couple of weeks and would like to share some of what I am learning from 2 Peter chapter 1 tomorrow...or Wednesday...or whenever I blog again. Read the chapter for yourself. It is worth the read!

Until then....

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  1. Lesley - A hint on the popcorn...Chester's makes an item called Puffcorn that is just like popcorn, but without the hard seeds. Someone suggested that to me last year when I said I wouldn't allow Madalyn to eat popcorn. They have butter & cheese flavors. They are located on the chip aisle, usually on the bottom shelf. It's very smiliar to the puffs for toddler, just bigger.