Friday, April 23, 2010

ipods, Gracen, and Fridays

I finally joined the technology revolution and got an ipod, and I have to say, I just love it! I have no idea why I was so resistant to getting one over the years. I guess I just figured it was one of those unnecessary luxuries that I could live without due to our one budget situation. Well, I bought this one from a college student at our church who upgraded to one of those new $300.00 ipods, so I didn't even spend half of what this classic ipod would cost in the store.

I am embarrassed to say that it took me days to figure that blasted thing out. I guess my age is really revealing itself. I sat at my computer and watched all the ipod tutorials on the website and still had trouble. I think I am finally getting the hang of it though. I have downloaded many contemporary Christian songs and lots of great preaching podcasts. I love the fact that I can pick which songs off a particular CD I want to download, instead of going to the store and buying the whole CD. I know I am behind the times, but I just have to say that it is really cool.

This week I have started exercising again. It has been really hard to find the time or motivation over the last year. Having a baby makes it hard to find time for yourself, but I think we have started to turn a corner. Gracen's schedule is much more predictable and I am no longer breastfeeding. Both of these are freeing me up somewhat. I have been walking by myself for about 45 minutes starting at 5:45 a.m. and I absolutely love the freedom. I strap on my ipod and listen to great preaching or great praise and worship music. It is exhilarating! Yesterday, I was walking along and one of the worship songs by Casting Crowns moved me to tears. I starting praying and raised my hands to heaven, forgetting where I was and forgetting that no one but me could hear that wonderful praise music. I am sure the people driving by thought I was a nut. Oh well.

My quiet time with God is looking a little different right now and I think that is OK. I am still reading through my Bible as I drink my morning coffee, but I cannot do an in-depth study right now, which I miss, because I am using my mornings while the girls are still sleeping to walk. I am loving, loving, loving the mornings.

Did I say I was enjoying the mornings? Just checking! I wanted to make sure that you got that part.

Other interesting news, Gracen is about to be walking everywhere. She is letting go of the furniture and walking 5 to 6 steps before she falls. It is adorable. She is smiling so big as she makes her way across that short distance. She has both arms out beside her body for balance and when she falls she claps for herself, only because we clap for her. She is ready to go, go, go and my house will never be the same. She is making a big enough mess crawling, much less walking. I love it though. I can hardly wait to watch Reagan and Gracen play chase out in our yard. Fun times ahead.

Gene's schedule has changed just a little and I am completely pumped about it. Instead of being away from home 3 Friday nights a month, he will only be gone 1 Friday night per month. Everybody loves Fridays right. I mean it is the end of the work week, and the beginning of the weekend. It is a night to unwind and be with family. Well, it has been over 5 years since we have had the typical Friday night. So tonight we are eating pizza, watching a new movie, popping popcorn, and making smores over the fire pit. I am looking forward to it. It is 3:30 now and I am already watching the clock to see that handsome thing drive up in his truck.

Remember to be praying for Gracen. One week from today we will be taking her to Children's Hospital for the cath. dye test procedure. I am a little anxious. Pray for all of us as we walk through whatever is next and certainly pray for Gracen's health, that the kidney situation is indeed mild and she will grow out of it without surgery.

Until next time....(which will probably be Monday)

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