Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday News & A Good-Bye

Yesterday I celebrated my 38th birthday! I know...38....I am getting really close to a big number. Gene and I celebrated on Saturday night. He took me to Outback and I ordered steak and crab cakes with steamed green beans...a splurge for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. Then, we went shopping where I picked out some new clothes and a pair of shoes. I loved the evening out with him. On Tuesday morning, my actual birthday, Gene woke me up at 5:15, kissing me on the cheek, telling me "Happy Birthday" and how much he loved me. A sweet, sweet moment for sure! He also gave me a sweet card. At 7:30 that morning, I had to head to Holtville Elementary to register Reagan for kindergarten. That was surreal. I mentioned on Facebook that it turned out to be a little more emotional than I thought it would be. The school seemed so big compared to her little preschool and the thought of dropping her off there for 7 hours each day made me a little sad. I know it is time. She is ready for it and needs it, but I couldn't help to think how much I would miss her. When I got back home, I received several calls from family members, all wishing me "Happy Birthday" and then I turned on my computer. I was shocked to see 112 emails with birthday wishes. After lunch, I had 78 more, and then at bedtime I was greeted by 38 additional messages. Talk about feeling blessed....Facebook can brush the ego at times, and it did that for me yesterday. I had lunch at the Legends Golf Course in Prattville with all my fellow staff wives from East Memorial. I have worked with most of these women for 6 years and I just love them. They had a cake for me and sang "Happy Birthday" to me and Mrs. Margaret, our head pastor's wife, bought my lunch. I thought that was so sweet!
Here I am with my cake.
Here I am with the group. The picture was taken with an iphone and the sides are a little blurry. My mom came to babysit my girls while I went to lunch and brought me a bouquet of tulips. I thought that was incredibly thoughtful and they look beautiful on my kitchen table. For dinner, we went to Gene's mom and dad's house for pizza and an ice cream cake. We had a great time hanging out with all of his family. It was a great day! And I will get to celebrate one more time this Saturday night with my parents and my younger sister and her family. And now for the good-bye... I am letting my blog go for a while. I have hit a season where I simply cannot keep up with it like I would like. My perfectionism won't allow me to do it at random times. If I cannot do it regularly, then it stresses me out. It hangs over my head on the days that I do not do it. I have also noticed that as I am studying my Bible or working on a Bible study, I am constantly thinking, "Oh, that would be great to share on my blog". That is the wrong reason to study my Bible. I am not just studying for me and listening to what God might be saying to me...I am studying for all of you and what might encourage you. I also feel like I am robbing time from my children. I want to be "present" with them and the computer distracts me. There will be time for this type of ministry/activity when they are in school. I am also going to limit Facebook time too. That is a huge time waster. I hope you have enjoyed a look into my life....and I hope I have encouraged in your walk with God.

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