Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Children, Children...

As I get ready in the mornings, both girls are usually running around playing. Sometimes they play really well together and sometimes Gracen has to go into her pack-n-play because she is in the mood to terrorize my home. This morning, I thought they were playing pretty well together. I was in my bathroom and the girls were in my bedroom. I could hear them playing and laughing. Gracen ran into the bathroom and then ran back out pretty quickly. Then after several minutes, I realized it was quiet....too quiet for two little girls. I went to find them and found this in my den...
And here is a close up in case you couldn't tell what it was....
And if that wasn't bad enough, this was going on as well....Gracen was unwrapping these lovely things and sticking them to my den window. Oh, Lord, help me! I just want to get ready in the morning.

And here is Gracen standing in the middle of her mess, taking a television break. Doesn't she look innocent? Yeah, she will be in her pack-n-play tomorrow morning.

And, I apologize to my male readers, if I have any. I know you hadn't planned to see female products today.
I am still working on the upcoming women's retreat that our church is hosting in April. I have two books to read on my topics and then I have to work out my sessions. I also have two other books that I just want to read in my "free time". I need to spend some time "sharpening my sword" so to speak, so I still will not be blogging very often for the next two weeks or so. I really only have a two hour window in the middle of the day when Gracen is asleep. Well, actually that is a one hour window, because Reagan does "room-time" for an hour. One hour to myself from morning to bedtime goes really quick and I have to use it to study for these lessons.
I will leave you with this thought from my study in the book of James this morning. James 4:8 says, "Draw near to God and he will draw near to You. Cleanse your hands, you sinners and purify your hearts, you double-minded."
I am so thankful that God promises in His Word that as I draw near to Him, He will in turn draw near to me. He calls me not just to draw near, but to come before Him and confess sin. As I "cleanse my hands", confessing my sinful actions, and "purify my heart", confessing my motives and desires, the distance between me and my God is removed. There is a closeness in our relationship again.
After spending time in His Word and praying this morning, He was continually on my mind. He did, in fact, draw near to me just as He said He would...imagine that!
If you are not having a daily quiet time, I want to encourage you to start today. It is pretty important if you want to grow in your relationship with Him.
Until next time...


  1. Hilarious - so funny, what is it about these things. I have the exact same liners and every time Hayden is awake while I am getting ready or showering she makes a beeline for my cabinet and pulls these out and the entire box of tampons. The she will carry two boxes of these and the pack of liners under her arms and hide in the closet so I won't take them away and make a big ole mess - so cute. I have some pictures of this as well. Makes me smile, most days...

  2. i'm sorry, but i must say that this post made me laugh out loud.
    i mean, pantyliners stuck to the window... that is pretty hilarious.
    the not-so-funny part about it for me: i know that my days of stuck-to-the-window-pantyliners are right around the corner.
    Rylee is already getting into everything, and she's not even walking yet.
    thanks for sharing! :)