Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Looking for My MOJO

I honestly was looking forward to a few hours of "alone" time when Reagan started kindergarten. I had high hopes for all I would accomplish while Gracen was taking her afternoon nap. I envisioned myself exercising, blogging, working on an upcoming Bible study that I will be teaching, catching up on odd jobs like putting pictures into photo albums, etc. And y'all, can I just say that I haven't done anything. I simply cannot get motivated.

Reagan started school last Wednesday and I took a nap on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. I never nap! I am a little embarrassed about it, but the quiet was so nice that I found my bed calling my name. Normally, after laying Gracen down for her nap, I would be starting some one-on-one time with Reagan, and I just couldn't hold my eyes open on those days. Gene was off on Friday, so needless to say, nothing got done around here. Monday rolled around and I literally wasted 2 hours trying to decide "what to do". And here it is Tuesday, and I am blogging, which is accomplishing one of my desires, but I honestly would rather just lay down.

I cannot find my MOJO! I cannot get going. I cannot focus on one task, but rather I just float around the house doing little things, that leave me feeling like I did nothing, if that makes sense. I don't know what is wrong with me. I really just don't feel good. No energy....just blah....everyday. My mom suggested going to the doctor and having some blood work done to see if maybe I am deficient in something. She is probably right, but I seriously hate having blood drawn, so I am hoping this passes instead.

On a positive note, I have enjoyed spending some quality time with this little cutie!

We have spent the mornings doing puzzles together, reading books outside on a blanket, in the shade, of course, and just playing together. She really likes when I sit and color with her or when we get out the playdough or play at her kitchen. These are the kind of things that I did with Reagan before Gracen came along, and now it is her turn. Gracen has such a sweet temperament, and I really enjoy just being with her.

Of course, yesterday she found my lipstick...my favorite tube of lipstick....and she wasn't such the little cutie pie in that moment. She did pose nicely for a picture though.

I have missed Reagan. The house has been really quiet! I like quiet, but it takes some getting used to when it has been missing for so long.

She has LOVED kindergarten. She comes home every single day talking nonstop about her teacher and different activities from the day. She has been eager to get up and get dressed in the mornings too. I know we are only 5 days in, but I am thankful that she likes it so far.

Yesterday, she came home and could read 6 sentences on her own. They contained some of the sight words that she is memorizing. Her homework was to read each sentence 3 times to me and then repeat the activity with another adult (her dad). She was so proud of herself, and I must admit, I teared up! I was so shocked to hear her read...on her own. In true Reagan style, she did say that since she could now read, she didn't need to go back to school. Thankfully, she wanted to go this morning.

(Her sentences were very simple and repetitive..."I am a dog. I am a cat. I am a pig. I am a hat. I am a bat. I am a mat.)

Until next time...

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